Classic Flyers TV Network goes live 30th September 2019

A group of passionate individuals got together to achieve a dream of creating Classic Flyers to protect the rich and precious history of New Zealand aviation.
The emphasis was on creating a living, dynamic museum with a high degree of operational activity - with many aircraft movements to and from the facility.

Classic Flyers ODB TV Platform

eCommerce, Digital & Social Media within a single ecosystem.

The first instalment of the Pilots Story
A close team of pilots getting together to share their stories and experience.
With special guest interviews showcasing business, community events, talent and so much more.

Episode 2: Inflight interview with Peter Williams, flying over the coastline of BOP New Zealand. 

Create your environment NOW

Register here and create your environment. Communicate with the cast, get more involved with advertisers and special guests through our news feed channel, post your opinions and request topics you would like to see on the show. 

If you have a story you would like to see covered by Classic Flyers please contact us at and reference the Classic Flyers Channel.

Upon registration, search for Classic Flyers and request to Friend to gain access to promos within their store. 



Launch your Brand

As a welcoming offer to our members, the team at Classic Flyers are providing some great packages for you to grow and launch your brands.  

Business channel 6 month package $850.00

Secure a channel within the Classic Flyers TV Network. Promote your brand, services, community involvement and so much more. 

Upload your content and marketing campaigns up to four times each month.  

Make your website a gateway and hyperlink to Classic Flyers TV Network.


Business Endorsement by the pilots $1700.00

Take a ride and have a inflight interview finishing in the pilots lounge with the cast. 

1 X business channel (6 months) on the Classic Flyers TV Network.

Product and brand review by the team. 


New Members PROMO

Take advantage of our special offer for the first episode which will screen on 30th September, 2019.

Register before 30th September and received unlimited access to Classic Flyers On Demand TV for just $25.00 for the whole year.

  • Register and create your profile. 
  • Search and request to be a friend with the cast.
  • Engage with our cast and tell us what you would like in future episodes. 
  • upload your content and aviation stories. 
  • Promote your presence and enjoy the experience.